The QSM Difference: Relocation Intelligence™

In 1994, the Wall Street Journal published “Mainstream Science on Intelligence” an article that editorialized the meaning of intelligence. The authors- 52 expert scientific researchers- found that there was more to intelligence than mere “book smarts.” To them, and soon the greater global population, intelligence also called for “a mental capability that involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience.”

Quality Services Moving understands the deep cognitive value of intelligence, to our staff and clients. We are different from other “relocation experts.” QSMoving’s experienced and highly trained and experienced staff prepare estimates and carry out jobs using Relocation Intelligence™, a comprehensive and honest tool for delivering utmost satisfaction.

Relocation Intelligence™ explains why QSMoving consultants put extra time into estimates. When our clients call for a quote, they are promised a spot-on estimate for their moving costs. Our staff knows that a bill shouldn’t be a surprise, and an over-estimated one can add to the stress of an already daunting move.

Unlike other companies that low-ball estimates to appear more attractive, Quality Services Moving values honesty, accuracy and accountability so you won’t be shocked when your invoice arrives. Our Relocation Intelligence™ embodies the expert definition of “intelligence” as our services reflect “a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings by catching on, making sense of things, and figuring out what to do.”

Our qualified estimators are highly trained and boast years of experience. Proud of a 5-10% accuracy on our estimates, our sales staff is frequently applauded for their knowledge and understanding of the industry.

At Quality Services Moving, we don’t make promises we can’t guarantee. We know that construction delays travel time, that weather can delay a shipment, and that companies who promise exact date deliveries are either very lucky or very assuming. We guarantee your shipment over a spread of dates and our highly modernized elite and dedicated fleet are now equipped with dual real-time GPS tracking systems to ensure customer visibility and timely arrivals.

We know how important your relocation is… and how devastating a bad move can be on you and your new home, whether it’s a residential abode or a new corporate office.

Don’t settle for the lowest estimate. Trust your belongings to a safe, efficient, and customer satisfied relocation team. Trust your belongings to the expert, kind, and careful crew we offer. Trust your belongings to the Relocation Intelligence™ of Quality Services Moving.

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